MTGCast #88: Gavin and Math Don't Mix

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MTGCast Episode 88 - Gavin and Math Don't Mix
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

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This Week in Magic
The Morningtide pre-release has come and gone with a lot less rules headaches than the Lorwyn tourney (and some pretty awesome playmats) and check out the full visual spoiler. A bunch of huge changes regarding the tourney structure up to the pro level - the MSS is gone, only three Pro Tours and Nationals taking the spot of the previous fourth Pro Tour. Worlds 2008 will be in Memphis, TN! Another web resource for deck lists - A cool homebrew application for the Nintendo DS, DSliver, that is a portable magic card database. The Morningtide patch is also out for Apprentice and MWS.

MTGCast News
Check out the Facebook page for another contest for free card by Chris Otwell. Tom quests to get a Gifts Given and almost makes it to his pre-release.

Emails, Comments and COMMENT CONTEST!
The winner this week of the Goblin Welder is ... MyNameIsFourteen!

This is a new weekly contest where I announce a question on the podcast, you post a response (or story) on the MTGSalvation forum for replies to the episode and you can win a card hand-selected from Tom's large collection (and winner is announced on the next week's show). Also, if there are 75+ comments in one week on an episode, Tom will give away an Italian Legends Mirror Universe to a randomly-selected entry!

This week's question is: What's your favorite magic card art?
Prize of the week: FOIL Ring of Gix!

Combo of the Week
Derek : Garruk Wildspeaker + Death Cloud
Tom : Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile + Greatbow Doyen
Gavin : Graft and the new +1/+1 counter creatures

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