MTGCast #97 - The Orb That Makes You Go "Hmmm"!

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MTGCast Episode 97 - The Orb That Makes You Go "Hmmm"!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

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This Week in Magic
2HG Champs promos have been spotted (and unconfirmed). A bizarre MTG mana symbol Rubik's cube has been see as a City Champs prize!

Shadowmoor Shakedown
The Orb of Insight is back and those nutters at MTGS have compiled a bunch of info for us (*cough* 1 imp and 38 scarecrows!). We have four more confirmed cards via The Orb that are reprints - Torture, Reflecting Pool, Mistmeadow Skulk, Graven Cairns. Bunch of cool Shadowmoor hints from Mark Rosewater in his latest article, "Shaman You". Some new art from magictutor and all of the theme decks!

User Corner
A new alternate format for Vanguard MTGO called MOJOHEWER (courtesy of Ravarshi) where you play with a Momir vanguard, Jhoira vanguard, a Stonehewer Giant vanguard and 60 basic land for absolute mayhem!

MTGCast News
Check out my interview with Devin Low and it sounds as if we will be getting some spoilers for Shadowmoor once the official previews start next week! Tom finds a foreign card gem in his commons box, behold Todespresse!

Emails, Comments and COMMENT CONTEST!
We will announce the winner of the "Favorite Promo" card next week to give more people a chance to enter for those sweet sweet Ancestral Memories + Mahamoti Djinn.

This is a new weekly contest where I announce a question on the podcast, you post a response (or story) on the MTGSalvation forum for replies to the episode and you can win a card hand-selected from Tom's large collection (and winner is announced on the next week's show). Also, if there are 100+ comments in one week on an episode, Tom will give away a Mana Crypt to a randomly-selected entry!

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