MTGCast #142: Conflux Cooldown

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MTGCast #142 - Conflux Cooldown
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

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This Week in Magic
We are happy to see that a great resource for storing and sharing decklists is back, Duels of the Planeswalkers is hopefully coming out in the next few months and we have heard some rumors of a March release, but no specific release date to be found on the official site. We also have new info on the Wizards Play Network and the Conflux Gateway kits designed for new / small tourney organizers! Scans are now available for the FNM promos for April and May: April is Merrow Reejery and May is Wren's Run Vanquisher. For large tournaments, GP Rotterdam is this weekend, PT Kyoto in the next couple weeks and GP Chicago in the second week of March. Gavin (and hopefully Tom) will be attending GP Chicago!

User Corner
The slate was wiped clean by the computer crash, but we have a few emails and invite everyone to keep emailing in!

MTGCast News
Keep an eye out for "The Mana Pool" to be joining the network, a podcast of four guys more focused on the casual magic scene. We are also pumped to announce we now have articles on MTGCast! Check out our first series, "Going Rogue" by Mike Kohler and let us know if you are interested in trying your hand at articles. Last and not least, a shout out to the Board Games Club in Rock Hill, SC and hope they enjoy the cards from our very generous listeners.

Emails, Comments and COMMENT CONTEST!
The winner this week of the deck challenge is ... my tv has color (Pre-release Demigod of Revenge)!
The winner this week of the comment challenge is ... CBG85 (Italian Legends Pendelhaven)!

This is a new weekly contest where I announce a deck challenge and ask for feedback on the podcast, you post a response (or story) on the MTGSalvation, Star City Games or TCGplayer forums. Then, I will give out two prizes each week, one to a great deck and one to comments / suggestions!

This week's deck challenge card is: Mark of Asylum!
Prizes of the week: $15 in store credit to either, or x2!

Leave a voice mail on our new phone line - 469-277-2278
So why wait? Call in with any questions, news items, hints, tricks, combos, or anything!

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