MTGCast #145: Alara Reborn, New Demonic Tutors and GP Thieves!

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MTGCast #145 - Alara Reborn, New Demonic Tutors and GP Thieves!
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This Week in Magic
The forums are a-buzz with the announcement on Arcana with a partial spoiler card titled Ardent Plea for Alara Reborn that leads many to think it may be an entirely gold card set. We also have the name of the Alara Reborn pre-release promo to be "Dragon Broodmother".

WoTC officially announces to extend MTG National invites to the invitees of the Yu-Gi-Oh nationals that were recently canceled. We also have spotted an awesome Nicol Bolas Playmat. Players are pretty pumped about the showing that an alternate art Demonic Tutor will be in the Divine Vs. Demonic Duel Decks! We also have some scans that show a promo full-art Blightning may be heading our way for FNM rewards.

GP Chicago crowns Gabriel Nassif winner of the largest domestic USA GP ever with around 1232 players. Check out the top 8 decklists. Also, make sure to read this fascinating story by Bill Starks about the professional thieve ring following the domestic GP circuit stealing bags and other valuables. Upcoming GP's are in Hanover and Singapore and will be Extended format.

User Corner
Thank you to everyone who emailed in and kudos to TheCassiusKid for the fantastic ode to Progenitus song [download mp3 file]!

MTGCast News
Welcome to a new show on the network, "Damage on the Stack". Vote in the poll on about your least favorite MNM segments. Let me know ([EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]) about the idea of a forum, doing MTG product reviews or anything else on how to improve the show. Also, the deck challenge / comment contest are going on hiatus while we see what works and what doesn't, and consider consolidating the prizes into a bigger giveaway every 1-2 months! Here is the link to for the cool, interactive kid's stories.

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The winner this week of the deck challenge is ... sabbatica!
The winner this week of the comment challenge is ... wolfv!

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