MTGCast #146: Alara Reborn confirmed as all Gold!

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MTGCast #146 - Alara Reborn confirmed all Gold!
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This Week in Magic
Alara Reborn is confirmed to be the first all Gold magic set. Magic Online 2009 Championship Series has been announced and seems to be a form of a pro tour for online players. Nationals locations and dates have been announced. In the United States Nationals are being held in KC on July 24-27 (watch out for those Yu-Gi-Oh players). Check out this DCI Foil Judge promo Dark Ritual. Images of Intro packs for Alara reborn are out and the creatures showing through the front are all 2 color creatures. Knight of New Alara is the release card for the release parties being held on April 30 through May 3. MTGO v3 with major issues over past week and weekend - significant in-game and trading lag, players were unable to join or start new games. Master's Editon 2 leaves the online store on March 25th. There will be farewell events as well as a "farewell pack" where you get 10 ME2 boosters and a free ME1 booster! Congratulations to Lino Burgold the Grand Prix Hannover Champion! GP Hannover had to cancel cash prize payouts and switch to product. Magic Cruise #2 has been announced and will be Feb 7-13, 2010.

MTGCast News
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