MTGCast #147: Papa Bear is Back!

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MTGCast #147 - Papa Bear is Back!
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

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This Week in Magic
We have scans of the Alara Reborn pre-release and release promos from a french advertisement poster. Pictures of the Alara Reborn Intro packs (english language) are also now out. Magic Online Customer Appreciation Week was announced today, check out the details and it runs from 3/23 to 3/30. Wizards has officially announced the next "From the Vault" set and is title Exiled. Exciting news is that it will feature cards that "were banned or restricted from the known realms of competition", but will adhere to the reprint policy (sorry, no moxes). We also have the most recent update to the Banned and Restricted list with no changes to paper magic formats (official explanation), but it did sneakily announce a new MTGO format titled "Kaleidoscope" where all non-lands cards must be multicolored and will use the Extended card pool. Check out the new Demonic Tutor (with full card scan). Tomoharu Saito is crowned champion of GP Singapore with a revamped Naya Zoo deck!

What You Been Playing?
Tom talks about some MTGO Pauper play (make sure to check out and these great Pauper articles by SpikeBoyM). Also check out the blog to follow the Limited EDH experiment by my buddy, Steve. Jack fills us in on some constructed Standard play testing, including 5-color control and Faeries.

MTGCast News
We welcome our first product review of the Ultra-Pro Matte Non-glare Deck Protector Sleeves. Congrats to Conley Woods for his recent PTQ win! We need you, the listeners, to help us come up with ideas on how to do a kick apples episode 150, along with ideas for a new nick-name for Tom. Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll.

We also say congratulations to two MTGCast listeners turned new fathers, Beau from China and Luke from Ohio!

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