MTGCast Special: Mike Turian Interview

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MTGCast Special - Mike Turian Interview
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The Interview with Mike Turian
Run Time: ~45 minutes

Hello and welcome to Mike Turian - Advanced developer in the magic R&D department! Mike was nice enough to sit down at our digital coffee table for an interview all about the exciting new Divine Vs Demonic Duel Decks that is coming out on April 10th. We talk about a number of special cards in the set, the awesome Imp sub-theme for the Demonic side and just how the Demonic player is supposed to actually kill an Akroma, Angel of Wrath. Mike also admits that the Divine deck is his favorite, but Tom reminds him that nothing, nothing is cooler than a deck with a bunch of imps. We also discuss the official Divine vs Demonic give-away where listeners can tell us about their favorite magic story with an Angel or Demon card and win one of a bunch of artist-signed cards from the set! We will have listeners post their stories in the comment section for Monday Night Magic #149 coming out later on April 6th.

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