MTGCast #155: Llamas, Planechase and Regionals!

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MTGCast #155 - Llamas, Planechase and Regionals!
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This Week in Magic
Tom and Conley are here this week to bring you a whole bunch of news along with discussion of Standard, Regionals (including Turbo Fog with suprising showing of 5 color control in face of the BW / GW token surge) and more. First, we talk about the new Planechase (Vanguard 2.0) cards just announced. We also discuss the rumors started by this comment on the Daily MTG twitter feed regarding llamas and alpacas that may suggest an Incan theme for Zendikar along with the revelation by Mark Rosewater that we will have Planeswalkers in Zendikar. Check out the interview with Doug Beyer, author of "Alara Unbroken" on the Book Nook show on YouTube. Wizards announces the largest number of active DCI players ever at 138,500! We have a discussion on the Extended Hypergenesis Cascade deck and here is a nice review article with example decklists of the "haste" camp and "shroud" camp. We have another official preview of Duels of the Planeswalker on the WoTC YouTube page, but still no release time given. Check out a bunch of articles discussing more about the pros / cons of mid-range decks from Adrian Sullivan, Mike Flores and LSV. SpikeBoyM has another great Pauper article reviewing the latest Premier Event.

What Have We Been Playing?
Conley is preparing for PTQ Seattle and PT Honolulu with Standard, Block Constructed and lots of drafting. Tom is pumped after getting to play some limited EDH with his Teneb, the Harvester general along with some fun artifacts like Panoptic Mirror with Harmonize and Platinum Angel.

Listener Emails
Thank you to Filip and Wolfgang for some questions. Email pretty much anything to [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL].

MTGCast News
We have the winners of the Comment Contest from episode 153! Blunt World wins 3 packs of Alara Reborn, Jon A.K.A. The Frex wins a Divine vs Demonic Duel Deck and TheAnimeGuy wins an Alara Reborn Intro pack! Email your ideas for a future contest that will give away Alara Reborn booster packs.

Make sure to watch the MTGCast site and iTunes feed for Eric's (of this show and Mr. Suitcase) interview with Patrick Chapin on Wednesday!

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