MTGCast #157: Hrbek the Planeswalker

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MTGCast #157 - Hrbek the Planeswalker
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

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This Week in Magic
Mea Culpa from Tom, thank for the correction regarding the Warp World deck from the Indianapolis PTQ was in the top 8, but did not win the PTQ. The winners of the Agents of Artifice fan art competition have been announced and you see the winners here. Grand Prix Seattle was this past weekend and the winner was Yann Massicard playing Doran, Faeries was popular and we have a ton of MTGCast hosts in the running including Stan Bessey of Deck Builders placing 14th, Gavin in 73rd and Conley 187th. We also had Nick Bonham, Pedro Rodriguez, Bryan Greer and Shannon Ericson also doing well! Here is the general info for GP Seattle and here are the top 8 decklists. We have officially seen the M10 release and prerelease promos (Queen of Ants and Vampire Nocturnus) and confirm the use of the term "battlefield" for being in play. There is a great debate article on discussing some topics brought up in the latest The Magic Show regarding table shuffling and deck randomization. Randy Buehler posts on his blog some info on the block constructed metagame for PT Honolulu and a round-by-round coverage of his monthly MTGO championship. PT Honolulu is this weekend and wish good luck to Gavin and Conley! We also hear from Kenneth Nagle's twitter that he will be previewing an M10 card at PT Honolulu.

What Have We Been Playing?
Gavin and Conley have been playing some Standard and likely turning their sights towards draft and block constructed. :^) Tom playing some more limited EDH and dreaming of busting out some Vanguard.

Listener Emails
Tons of great emails this week. Kudos to MacDaddy for his Hrbek the Planeswalker submission.

MTGCast News
A huge thank you from Tom to Marshall of for sending him a custom Pit Imp and Unearth life counters. Tom is also happy to announce our next big give-away and contest!

The contest: Write flavor text for the card Sorrow's Path
Prizes: 12 prize packs of 3 Alara Reborn booster packs
How to enter: Write your entry in the comment section for this episode on (direct link)

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