MTGCast #160: Three Donkeys and some Magic Shoes

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MTGCast #160 - Three Donkeys and some Magic Shoes
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

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This Week in Magic
It's M10 spoiler season starting on the official WoTC site AND we will be getting our own M10 spoiler to release on Friday, June 26th! Tons of discussion regarding the official and unofficial M10 cards seen so far including the official Siege Gang Commander and the controversial Lightning Bolt. We have the complete deck lists for Duels of the Planeswalkers. Check out the fantastic article by Mark Rosewater about the removal of mana burn. It is time to vote for the Magic shoe competition over at Ryz and you can check out some Monday Night Magic listener entries here and here. Richard Garfield has a great new game design podcast for his design company, Three Donkeys, that you should check out. A new graphic anthology of the planeswalker web-comic titled "Path of the Planeswalker" is now available. Also, we discuss the new Patrick Chapin book, "Next Level Magic", available as a PDF download. Lastly, we have the June 19th Banned and Restricted list update with some notable changes in Vintage.

What Have We Been Playing?
Jack is trying out some Jund Cascade Aggro and still enjoying Turbo Fog with some innovations of adding Spiteful Visions to make "Turbo Smog". Tom is mastering the puzzles on Duels of the Planeswalkers and enjoying every minute of it.

Listener Emails
Tons of great questions about M10, morph with the combat damage changes, Foil Garruk redemption troubles and more. We also have a voicemail from Marcel!

MTGCast News
Thank you to Rob for sending some awesome foil DCI promos for a future giveaway. Kudos to all of our international listeners and Tom got to send some packs to Trinidad and Tobago! Also, keep rating / voting / subscribing to MTGCast on iTunes, it makes Tom happy.

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