MTGCast #161: M10 Mopery

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MTGCast #161 - M10 Mopery
"You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!"

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This Week in Magic
Tom, Conley and Jack go through the slew of new cards on the M10 unofficial spoiler and Conley gives a great break down on the new card ratio being potentially misleading and some missed design facets. Check out the new judge promos for Nationals of Stifle and Windswept Heath. The next textless MPR promos will be Terminate and Negate. We also hear from Mark Rosewater's twitter that Tiago Chan's invitational card (Denying Channel) has been pushed back from Zendikar to the "Lights, Camera, Action" block.

Listener Emails
Tons of great emails, kudos to the listeners!

MTGCast News
Thank to Marshall of for a sweet Sorrow's Path life counter. Try and keep voicemails to 30 seconds or less so we can play all that we get! Tom asks the listeners for thoughts on the new look for and also if you have any recommendations for Wordpress themes to let him know. We have a new article from Conley about M10 on the site, a new series of articles titled "Dear Blossom" from Shannon of the Deck Builders and new audio podcast titled "MTG Radio". Also, the Deck Builders have a new website,

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